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Focus 5 Systems is a premier supplier for the implementation of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) Critical Chain Project Management solution and is unique in providing a “whole product” approach.

The whole product approach includes: Our proven implementation processes; Fusion Desktop, Fusion Pipeline, Fusion Online project management software; Critical Chain training; software training; technical support during implementation; and expert post-training consultation and support.

Fusion Desktop, Fusion Pipeline and Fusion Online are the market leading Critical Chain software tools developed by ProChain Solutions Inc in the USA and, as the European distributors, we provide the training, technical support and distribution of all ProChain products in Europe.

Our client base derives largely from referrals and we have been involved in the implementation of Critical Chain in more organisations than any other European supplier.

Our “whole product” approach assures the customer of achieving the greatest possible benefit from the Critical Chain project management concepts and the supporting software tools. Personnel will be left with the knowledge, understanding and toolset to continue with the management and maintenance of an integrated project management environment.

Key elements needed to successfully implement Critical Chain are:

  • The management and project people involved have a knowledge of and buy-in to the Critical Chain methods.
  • Good Critical Chain based buffered schedule(s) are developed for the project or projects involved.
  • Internal procedures to manage the developed schedule(s) to successful completion are established.
  • All the people involved act and operate in a manner necessary to help and support the Critical Chain methodologies.

Our implementation programmes are designed to address the above needs and are aligned with each organisation’s individual requirements, whilst at the same time applying our extensive knowledge and experience, thus saving the client the time and expense of “reinventing the wheel”.

Please contact us to discuss the opportunities for your organisation.

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